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Dear Respected,

#  My name is RAJA .  I like to work with who believe in ethical thinking & practice.

#  Founder & CEO of CONNECTING PROFIT, Local & Global Business Development Consultant & Freelancer.

#  17 + years successful working business development experience includes micro, small, medium & corporate companies. Total Client served - 1000 +

#  Completed MBA { Human Resource & Marketing }, M.Phil { Management } & Total working experiences include from domains of Export, Import, B2B, B2C & teaching MBA, MCA & Engineering College Students.

# Learned or Participated or Certified or Awarded through below listed.

#  The effect of global business has resulted in more businesses having access to more markets all over the world.  Services & Products of all types are sold in more countries & in greater variety.

#  It’s been my experience that many india domestic & global companies do not have the time, resources & operating cost to devoting themselves to developing & expanding their business.

#  As a result, To manage the daily complexities of business development experienced, expertised business development consultant & freelancer" has become increasingly important.

# Having experience co-ordinating & executing buyers or foreigners, manufacturers or suppliers or farmers or traders, logistics, customs, exports or government promotion councils, technolgy experts, banks & finance etc.

# Doing service {or} solution by Get Started, Choose a Market, Reach Customers, Price & Get Paid, Logistics & Documentation.

# Working for foreign markets – America, Europe, Middle East, Gulf, Asia & Australia. Product & Service categories include Agriculture & Farming, Food & Beverages, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Apparel & Garments, Textiles, Chemicals, Dyes & Solvents, Furniture & Supplies, Kitchen Utensils & Appliances, Electronics & Electricals, Leather, Home Textile & Furnishing, Fashion Accessories, Handicrafts & Decoratives, Textiles, Yarn & Fabrics, Books & Stationery, Herbal & Ayurvedic Product, Paper Products, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Engineering Services, Gems, Jewelry & Astrology, Digital technologies solutions etc.

# Since my service is very focussed , unique like you & address your specific requirements to ensure continuous reliability, efficiency & cost-effective operations that improve overall productivity & profitability. To know more kindly see my linkedin page.


Total Working Experience : 17+ years
Total Client Served : 1000 +
Global Business Development Certified
Education : MBA, M.Phil
Smart Phone : +91 9884400502
E-mail : raja@connectingprofit.com
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